In this science experiment we will use lemon juice, water, and bean plants to simulate the
effects of acid rain from the sky on the environment.
Acid rain is a danger to plant life in
many parts of the world. So lets do the acid rain experiment and see why!


- Three Jars with Lids
- Three Growing Bean Plants In Small Cups or Small Separate Planting Containers
- Masking Tape
- Marking Pen
- Lemon Juice
- Water
- Tablespoon

Process For The Acid Rain Experiment

1) Put a strip of tape on each jar or bean plant container and mark them "A", "B", and "C".
2) Next label the three jars with masking tape "A", "B", and "C".
3) Add 1/2 cup of lemon juice to Jar "A".
4) Add 1/4 cup lemon juice to cup "B".
5) Don't put any lemon juice in cup "C".
6) Add 1/2 cup of water to each jar (A,B,C).
7) Place the growing bean plants in their containers in a sunny windowsill or outside in a
mostly sunny place.
8) Water each plant with four tablespoons of the solution marked for that plant (plant "A"
gets solution "A", plant "B" gets solution "B", plant "C" gets solution "C").

What Happens In the Acid Rain Experiment

Plant "A" will show the effects of acid rain first. The leafs will begin to curl and shrivel. It's
growth slows down or stops. It starts to look sickly. Plant "B" will eventually start to show
the effects of acid rain as well but at a slower pace since it is not receiving as much acid.
Plant "C" will remain healthy because it is receiving no acid rain.

The Science Behind The Acid Rain Experiment

Acid rain is caused by air pollutants pumped into the atmosphere through the smoke
stacks in factories and industry and exhaust of cars. Many other pollutants contribute to
acid rain in the
atmosphere as well. The pollutants gather in dense clouds and fall back to
earth when it rains. The pollutants which are acidic like the lemon juice, build up in the soil
and effect the growth of plant life (like the lemon juice did to your plants). The more acidic
the rain (like solution "A"), the sooner the plant is effected. Over time, the plants will die
and new plants will not be able to grow! Now go grab some friend and do the acid rain
The image for your reference below is from the New York State Department of
Environmental Conservation.
Acid Rain
Acid Rain
Acid Rain
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