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In this science experiment we will have some good old fashioned fun and put together the age old classic ant farm. We can
learn all about ants as they tunnel and root around in the ant farm habitat.

Materials for Making Ant Farm

  • Buy an Ant Farm. The ones to the right are classic! Comes with a mail in coupon for the ants.

Process for Making Ant Farm

1) Send in the coupon for your ants. May take a week or two for them to arrive.

2) Take the ant farm out of the packaging and set on a table.

3) Add the sand to the observation tank. If you have colored sand then add it in layers. The ant food is mixed in the sand
already from manufacturer.

4) Wet the sand with about two ounces of water. You want all the sand to become damp, but don't over do it. Soak up
excess water on top with a paper towel. You don't want a pool!. We use a small medicine dropper to add the water evenly a
little at a time.

5) Let the wet sand sit for a day or two with the lid off (before putting the ants in) to allow excess water to evaporate. The wet
sand makes it easier for the ants to tunnel.

6) When the ants come, you may choose to supplement the food in the sand with a little something extra. Before adding
your ants to the farm habitat, try adding a small piece of fruit like an apple or orange (very small piece) or a piece of damp

7) Now it's time to add the ants and complete the farm. First put the vial containing the ants in the refrigerator for 2-3
minutes. This calms them down while still in the vial. This way they wont all bolt onto your kitchen table when trying to add
them. Do not put them in the freezer or leave in the refrig for more than 3 minutes. Next open the lid of the ant farm. Tap the
vial with the ants on the table so they all gravitate to the bottom of the vial. Open the vial and dump them in. Quickly close the

Details of the Ant Farm Habitat
Ant farm with escape proof design, break resistant frame, and viewing windows is a classic toy and great for all ages.
Watch the world's tiniest engineers dig tunnels, build roads, erect bridges, and go about their "chores" around the barnyard
and farmhouse. This is one of the best ant farms for sale on the market today. This Better Homes & Gardens
recommended toy is the largest Ant Farm available. With a large viewing surface, 15" wide by 10" high, it's great for
classroom use and fun for the entire famly! Includes water feeder, tunneling sand, the "Ant Watcher's Handbook", a year's
supply of ant food and mail-in stock certificate to send for live ants. We can't keep ants in the toys while on the shelves in the
store waiting for someone to buy the kit as the ants would die from lack of food. The Ants that are included with these Ant
Farms, are supplied by the manufacturer, Uncle Milton's (after you complete the "mail-in certificate"), and will be delivered
directly to you within the continental United States and Canada only. This may take a few weeks to deliver after you mail in
the certification, but is usually less. Or you can use live harvester ants if you need them immediately.
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