In this science experiment we will explore how hovercrafts work and even build our own
using a balloon, CD, pop-up lid, and glue. We will learn about friction in the process.


- Balloon
- O
ld CD
- G
- Water Bottle Pop-Up Lid

Watch Balloon CD Hovercraft Video

Process To Make A Balloon CD Hovercraft

1) Get a water bottle from the store with a pop up lid. Take off the lid.

2) Use a nail to punch out the center inside the pop up lid (so you have a nice hole for air to
move through).

3) Glue the pop up lid firmly onto the CD directly over the hole in the CD.

4) Let the glue dry.

5) Inflate a balloon. Pinch it off and attach it to the pop-up lid.

6) Place it on a flat surface and let it go.

The Science Behind the Balloon CD Hovercraft

Air from inside the balloon escapes through the hole in the pop up top and flows out and
under the CD. The CD has a flat surface with an even weight. So the airflow flow from the
balloon creates a thin layer of air between the surface of the floor and the bottom of the CD.
This reduces the amount of friction between the CD and floor and the hovercraft easily floats
and glides on the pocket of air. This is the same way in which a hockey puck table game
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