In this cool science experiment we will do the impossible and inflate a balloon inside a bottle! This
is a great trick that will baffle your friends. In the process we will learn about the properties of air
and prove that although invisible, air actually occupies space.

Materials For Balloon Inside A Bottle Science Experiment:

  • Balloons
  • 2 Empty 1 Liter Bottles and Caps
  • Large Nail
  • Hammer
  • Water

Watch The Balloon Inside A Bottle Science Experiment Video

Process for Balloon Inside A Bottle Science Experiment

1) First take one of the empty 1 liter plastic bottles and remove the cap. Insert a balloon into the
bottle and secure the balloon over the mouth of the bottle.

2)  Take a deep breath and try to blow up the balloon inside the bottle! Well as hard as you try to
will notice it's impossible.

3) Fill the other plastic bottle to the rim with water a cap. Get your nail and hammer out. The water
will add structure and make it easier to hammer a hole.

4) Use the hammer and nail to make a hole about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the bottle. Get
an adult to help if you need. Make sure to create the hole on a flat part of the bottle so you can
easily fit your finger over the hole when it's done.

5) Uncap the and empty the water out. You can leave about 1/2 inch water on the bottom of the
bottle if you want - makes it a little easier.

6) Insert a balloon inside the bottle and secure onto the mouth of the bottle. Take a deep breath
and blow. This time the balloon inflates inside the bottle. While still blowing, place your finger over
and plug the hole in the bottom.

7) Observe the balloon in a bottle. Be amazed as the balloon stays inflated even with no cap and a
large air hole in the mouth of the bottle.

8) Take your finger off the hole and the balloon deflates

9) Try it again. This time cap the bottle after inflating the balloon. You can also make a cool water
squirter by first drilling or using the nail to make a hole in the cap, then after inflating the balloon
pouring in water a capping, release the finger and you have a homemade squirt gun!

10) Trick your friends by giving them to bottle and balloon without the hole and asking them to blow
it up. Then use your bottle with the hole and easily inflate the balloon.

The Science Behind the Balloon In A Bottle Science Experiment

When we first tried to inflate the balloon it was impossible. This was because the bottle is
enclosed and inside air already occupied all the space. So when we tried to blow up the balloon
there was no room for the balloon to inflate and grow. After we popped a hole in the bottom of the
bottle is was a different story. As we blew, the balloon inflated and easily expanded. This occurred
because the air inside the bottle was pushed out the exit hole as the balloon inflated. When we
placed our finger over the hole once the balloon was inflated it stayed that way because we
stopped the air from escaping. Once the finger was removed, air from outside the bottle came
back in through the hole as the balloon deflated and retracted. This forced the air inside the
balloon out through the mouth of the bottle
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