Let's have a great time using a plastic bottle, quarter, and the freezer to do a cool science experiment.
We will demonstrate that the when air gets warmer it expands
and rises and when air is cold is

- Plastic 1 Liter Bottle
- Freezer
- Quarter
- Water

Watch The Burping Bottle Video:

Process For The Burping Bottle Science Experiment

1) Empty the 1 Liter plastic bottle and rinse out whatever was in there. Shaking it out as best possible.

2) P
lace the empty bottle into the freezer.

3) L
et it sit for an hour or two.

4) S
et your quarter into a bowl of water so its nice and wet.

5) A
fter an hour or two, quickly remove the bottle from the freezer and set on counter.

6) T
ake the wet quarter out of the bowl and place it on the mouth of the frozen bottle. The water makes
a good seal.

7) Within a few seconds you will see the quarter start jumping up and down tapping the mouth of the

The Science Behind theThe Burping Bottle

We have just done a very cool demonstration illustrating the properties of air. When air is cooled is
condenses or contracts. When air warms up or becomes hot it expands. We placed the bottle into the
freezer and shrunk the air molecules down. When we took it out and placed it one the counter the
molecules began to heat up. The wet quarter made a nice seal keeping the air inside the bottle. As it
the air inside became warmer it expanded, began to rise, and escaped. As a result our bottle burped!
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