Let's have some fun using a pair of powerful egg shaped  hematite magnets to do a cool science
experiment. Toss these two into the air and they'll come down making an electrifying buzzing,
clattering sound as they battle for equilibrium! The magnets are known as buzz magnets or
rattlesnake eggs!
We will see how opposite magnetic fields attract and like fields repel.


- Buzz Magnets or Rattlesnake Eggs

Watch The Buzz Magnets In The Air Video:

Process For The Buzz Magnets Science Experiment

1) Toss them up in the air semi-close to each other.

2) Watch them make contact and create a cool buzz sound as they fight to wrap around each other.

3) Fool your friends and place one buzz magnet on the table top. Secretly use your hand and the other
magnet under the table to make it move and dance without them knowing.

Watch The Buzz Magnets Table Trick Video:

The Science Behind The Buzz Magnet Experiment
This pair of powerful egg shaped hematite magnets has their poles aligned through their narrow
circumferences at the tips. This allows you to demonstrate the constant striving of the magnets to
stay in perfect balance with each other. As you know opposites attract, so North and South poles are
always trying to find each other! When they make contact with each in mid air a cool sound is made
when the magnets vibrate rapidly and give off sound waves.
You can also fool your friends in thinking
you can move them with your mind by placing one on top and one below the table!
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