It's Halloween and your having a party! Time to use your science skills to make a batch of spooky
carbonated Kool-Aid. We will transform regular Kool-Aid into a tasty concoction that looks
awesome! In the process we will turn solid carbon dioxide into gas.

Warning: Dry Ice should only be handled with adult supervision. Never touch dry ice without
hand protection, use tongs, never put dry ice directly into your mouth.

Materials Spooky Dry Ice Carbonated Kool-Aid:

  • Packets of your favorite Kool-Aid Flavor
  • Dry ice (from your local supermarket)
  • Plastic Witches Kettle
  • Some Clear Plastic Glasses
  • Water
  • Tongs & Fork
  • Gloves
  • Ladle

Process for Spooky Dry Ice Carbonated Kool-Aid

1) Mix several packets of Kool-Aid and the proper amount of water inside a clean plastic witches

2) Break up the large blocks of dry ice into smaller ones (use a fork). Use tongs or gloved hands to
place the dry ice into the witches kettle with the Kool-Aid mixture. Do not add any super small
pieces of dry ice to the kettle. Try to use larger broken chunks.

3) Keep some of the dry ice in a cooler to replenish the witches kettle as the party progresses.

4) Fog will start to rise from the spooky concoction after you add the dry ice. Let your witches brew
settle for about 30 minutes before drinking.

5) Have an Adult use a ladle to scoop the carbonated Kool-Aid from the kettle in clear glasses. Be
careful not to scoop any small dry ice particles into the cups. You do not want to swallow or have
dry ice in your mouth!

6) If its an adult only party, then you can use some smaller pieces of dry ice to add to the glassses
themselves. This will give each glass a cool spooky smoking look.

The Science Behind Spooky Carbonated Dry Ice Kool-Aid

Dry Ice is solid Carbon Dioxide. Its the same stuff they use to make carbonation or the little
bubbles in soda pop you purchase in the store. You never want to ingest dry ice directly in its solid
form. But having it carbonate your Halloween Kool-Aid and produce the bubbles gives it a
harmless sparkling effect and tangy taste. The smoke (or gas) gives it the spooky Halloween look!
When we add the dry ice to the Kool-Aid what we are doing is actually impregnating the Kool-Aid
with Carbon Dioxide gas. The dry ice changes forms from solid to gas when submerged in a liquid.
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