In this experiment we will make a cloud in a bowl. Clouds form when water vapor cools down.
Warm moist air in the  atmosphere rises and the pressure reduces as it goes higher. As
reduces it gets colder. Eventually the water
vapor cools enough to form clouds. We will use dust off
compressed air and warm water to make condensation.

Materials For Dust Off Cloud In A Bowl:

  • Clear Glass Bowl
  • Can Dust Off Compressed Air
  • Warm Water

Watch The Dust Off Cloud In A Bowl  Video:

Process for
Dust Off Cloud In A Bowl:

1) Get a can of dust off or another product like it.

2) Fill a bowl with hot water 1/2 way to top  (clear bowl is best).

3) Insert the straw of the Dust Off into the bottom of the bowl of hot water.

4) Pull the trigger and let it rip!

5) Sit back and watch the cloud (or fog if you prefer) materialize instantly.

The Science Behind Dust Off Cloud In A Bowl:

Air contains water molecules. Clouds form when air warm  rises in the atmosphere and cools to a
lower temperature. As the air goes higher into the atmosphere and cools the water molecules in
the air condense to form clouds.

In this experiment we start off with a bowl of hot water. As we spray the Dust Off into the bottom of
the hot water bowl, the cold compressed gas inside the Dust Off can cools the hot water rapidly as
it rises.   As a result of the , the water molecules condense on their way to the surface. At the
surface a cloud of condensed water molecules forms to make a cool cloud or fog bank.  
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