Fake Blood Stage
Fake Blood Stage
Fake Blood Stage
In this science experiment we will make a fairly realistic prop blood for stage,
screen, or Halloween from Karo white corn syrup and red food coloring.


- 1 cup creamy Peanut Butter (Peter Pan works well)

- 1 quart White Corn Syrup (the cheap brands like Karo tend to be thickest so
stick with that)

- ½ cup Non-suds soap (LOC Regular available through Amway or an alternative)

- 1 ounce red food coloring

- 15 -to 18 drops blue food coloring

Procedure To Make Fake Blood

1) Mix the peanut butter with enough corn syrup to make it runny.

2) Add the soap and food coloring and mix well. Add enough food coloring to
produce a deep dark blood color.

3) You can add some photographer's wetting agent (Kodak Photo Flo) to help to
improve the flow of the "blood". It will also help it more realistically soak into
clothing. Use about one cap per cup of blood mix.

4) Add the remaining corn syrup and shake until a nice solution is made.

If you plan on using the stage blood near your mouth, then skip step three and
hold off on adding the photographers wetting solution. You don't need a hospital
run while having fun. Also it is probably wise to use clothes that can be trashed
after you splash the fake blood all over them. So don't use it on your finest duds!

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