In this science experiment we will make Magnets levitate and float on top of one another.
Opposites attract and like poles repel. We will explore this concept and make a cool science toy in
the process.

1.) Donut hole magnets (these can be found at your local hobby shop)
2.) A regular pen used for writing.

Process Floating Levitating Magnets Experiment
Place magnets onto the pen making sure to place like poles of the magnet facing each other so
they repel. Then place the pen vertical onto a flat surface. You should notice the magnets floating
on top of one another.

The Science Behind Floating Levitating Magnets Experiment
Magnets have a north and south pole. When the opposite poles are facing each other the magnets
come together. However, when the same pole are facing each other the magnets repel. The pen
prevents the magnets from "flipping" upside down and this allows them to float on top of one
another. Now go and do the floating magnets experiment with some friends.

Color Coated Ring Magnets
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