Secret Message Ink
Secret Ink


- Jar and lid
- Nails or Steel Wool
- White Vinegar
- Tea
- White Glue
- Kerosene or Household De-greasing product

Process To Make Invisible Ink and Secret Messages

1) Put the nails or steel wool in a bowl of de-greaser or kerosene to degrease them. Let
them soak for a bit.

2)  Take the nails or steel wool out of the de-greaser and put them into a plastic
(non-metal) bowl. Cover them with the white vinegar. Let them soak for two days.

3) Boil up some water. Add 3 or 4 tablespoons of tea per cup of water. Let the mix sit for 5
or 10 minutes.

4) Mix equal parts of the vinegar nail juice and tea mix.

5) Add in a splash of white glue to the mix until it is thick enough to write with.

6) Use the mix to write secret messages on some paper. The ink will turn black with over
time and your message will appear.

Heat Sensitive Invisible ink
Heat sensitive invisible inks are simple organic liquids like lemon juice, onion juice,
milk, or vinegar that will appear invisible when dry on paper. However, they get darker
and show up when exposed over a
heat source. Use dried out pen or toothpick to apply it
with. Air dry the invisible ink once its on the paper. After air drying hold the paper over
candle from a distance or go over it with a hot iron. Be careful with fire and hot irons -
don't get the paper so close it catches fire or burn yourself on the iron! In World War II
prisoners used this method to sneak out messages using sweat and saliva as the
invisible ink.

Now go grab some friends and make some invisible ink and secret messages.
In this fun science experiment we will make secret invisible ink with vinegar, tea, glue,
and household de-greaser. You can write secret messages with the mix you create!
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