In this science experiment we will extract the iron from Total breakfast cereal using a super
strong neodymium magnet. Indeed there is actual metal in it, just like the iron found in nails. We
will test three different brands to see which one has the most iron in it. So grab your Fruity
Pebbles and lets have some science experiment fun!

Materials For Total Breakfast Cereal Iron Extraction Experiment:
- Boxes of  cereal (1) Total Whole Grain,  (1) Fruity Pebbles (1) Cheerios
- Very Strong Magnet (neodymium works best. You can get one from the link to the right)
- Rolling Pin or Blender
- Zip Lock Bags (3)
- Hot Water
- Sharpie Marker
- Measuring Cup

Process For Total Breakfast Cereal Experiment Iron Extraction Experiment
1) Take your marker and label your zip lock bags with the cereal names.

2) Pour the entire box of each cereal into the correct zip lock bag. Make sure to buy boxes of
of the same size. We want to use the same amount of cereal for all the bags.

3) Use the rolling pin to crush the cereal in the bags into as fine a powder as you can get. You
could also use a blender to get the same effect.

4) Check your zip lock bags for holes created during crushing. Replace if needed. Using the
measuring cup fill the bags up to the 3/4 point with hot water. Make sure to note how many cups
it takes and use the same amount of water for all three cereal bags.

5) Zip the bags shut leaving an air pocket in each bag. You can use a little duct tape on the zip
lock portion of the bag to prevent unwanted mushed cereal explosions!

6) Allow the bags to sit for 30-60 minutes. Flip the bags over every ten minutes and give it a
slight shake to mix your concoction.   

7) Starting with the Total cereal. After an hour take out your super strong neodymium magnet
and hold it firmly underneath on the bottom of the bag (touching the zip lock plastic). Start a slow
swirling motion of the cereal in the bag. Be very careful to never let the magnet separate from
the zip lock plastic surface or the iron will fall back into the mix. Keep the swirling going for
several minutes to get the most iron. The iron needs time to sink to the bottom of the bag.

8) While keeping the magnet to the bags surface, flip the bag over so now the magnet is on top.
You  will see the tiny iron filings collecting around the magnet. These are real little bits of actual
metal. The cereal company adds actual iron/metal because iron in other forms actually reduces
the shelf life of the cereal. The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve these tiny bits
of metal and release the elemental iron into your system.

9) Repeat extraction process with Cheerios and Fruity Pebbles.

10) Remove Iron from bags by using the magnet and scissors to cut plastic around the filings or
dump out into a bowl and submerge the magnet to attract filings. Weigh the filings from each
cereal bag.

Now grab some friends and try the remove iron from Total breakfast cereal extraction iron
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