In this science experiment we will create an awesome science toy guaranteed to amaze! Everyone
understands oil and water don't mix. Let's put a new spin on this by adding food coloring and  
Alka-Seltzer tablets to the solution. The bubbling colorful lava lamp is sure to impress! So lets get
started and make a bubbling lava lamp.

- Clean Clear Plastic Soda Bottle (16 oz) with Cap
- Vegetable oil
- Food coloring
- An Alka-Seltzer Tablets
- Water

Watch Video: Make Lava Lamp

Process To Make Bubbling Lava Lamp

1) Add vegetable oil to the soda bottle until it's about 3/4 full.

2) Add about 1/4 water to the rest of the bottle.

3) Put about 10 drops of your favorite food coloring into the bottle. Make sure your water color is dark.

4) Break 1 or 2 Alka Seltzer tablets into chucks.

5) When ready start dropping the chunks into the bottle. Sit back an enjoy the lava lamp show.  You
can let the lava lamp settle and repeat by adding more chucks of Alka Seltzer tablets.

6) Once you have used up all the Alka Seltzer tablets. Top off your soda bottle to the rim with the
vegetable oil and screw on the cap. Let the lava lamp settle and then try tipping it back and forth to
see the neat waves that are created when oil and water don't want to mix.

The Science Behind Make Bubbling Lava Lamp:
First and foremost we have learned that oil and water don't mix. Even if you give the bottle a good
shaking, you will notice the oil molecules simple go into little bubbles and don't mix with the water.
However, the food coloring and water do mix well.

Water is more dense or heavier than oil. Therefore when we added the water is sank to the bottom of
the bottle. The oil was lighter than the water so it floated on top.
This is the same effect that happens when an oil tanker sinks and creates a slip on the surface of
the ocean.

When we added the chunks of Alka-Seltzer tablets to the water there was a reaction. The reaction
created small bubbles of
carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide bubbles attached to the blurbs or
strands of colored water and cause them to float to the surface. Once the bubbles popped, the color
blurbs sank back to the bottom of the bottle and a new one rose in its place. This created the lava
lamp effect. Now grab some buddies and make a bubbling lava lamp.  
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp
Lava Lamp
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