In this science experiment we will explore air pressure and gravity using a water bottle and
push pin. In the process will do a fun demonstration in which water seems to defy gravity and
not leak out through holes we make in a bottle filled with water.


- 1 Liter Plastic Bottle and Cap
- P
ush Pin or Small Nail

Watch Leaky Water Bottle Trick  Video

Process For Leaky Water Bottle Trick

1) Get a 1 liter plastic bottle and empty it.

2) Use a push pin or small nail to poke some holes in the center of the bottle.

3) Fill the sink with water and submerge the bottle. Let it fill all the way.

4) While underwater cap off the bottle

5) Take it out and set next to the sink. Amazingly no water is spurting from the holes we

6) Uncap the lid and watch as water starts spouting from the holes!

7) Think what you can do to your friends with this!

8) Try capping the bottle again. What happened?

The Science Behind the Leaky Water Bottle Trick

The water seems to defy logic when it does not leak out of the holes with the cap on! This
happens because the air pressure outside the bottle is pushing against it at 14.7 pounds per
square inch. However, when the cap is removed air now able to flow inside the top of the
bottle and starts pushing down on the surface of the water inside the bottle at 14.7 pounds
per square inch. This added weight of the air pressure now acting inside the bottle is enough
to force the water through the holes we poked! Gravity also is acting on the water and pulling
it down toward the ground.
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