In this really cool science experiment we will need some adult supervision to make a match stick
magically rise into the air. In the process we will learn about combustion and the fusing of materials.

Materials For Magic Rising Match Stick Science Experiment

- Adult Supervision
Box of Wooden Match Sticks

Process Magic Rising Match Stick Science Experiment

1) Remove all your matches from the cardboard match box. Flip the box upside down.
2) Poke a small hole in the bottom of the match box.
3) Place a match stick in the hole.
4) Now for the tricky part. Balance another match stick against the match in the hole.
5) Using a lighter or different match light them. It seems to work best if you light the leaning propped up
match first around it center.

Video Magic Rising Match Science Experiment

The Science Behind Magi
c Rising Match Science Experiment:

If you ignite the leaning match in the middle of the stick first, most of the weight of the match is burned
up or combusted by the flame before it lights the highly flammable math heads. Since the match heads
are leaning together they ignite or combust at the same time under very high intense heat. The high heat
then fuses the match heads  together. As the flame continues to burn the propped up match it starts to
curl up.
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