Let's have some fun using a super strong neodymium magnet and dollar bill to do a cool science
experiment. We will demonstrate that our currency is composed of magnetic ink. The government
uses this as a means of defeating counterfeiters.

- Neodymium Magnet
- Dollar Bill

Watch The Money Magnet Video:

Process For The Money Magnet Science Experiment

1) Fold the dollar bill in half and place on the counter.

2) Take the Neodymium Magnet and touch it to one end of the bill.

3) Gently lift the magnet up.

4) Watch the bill open.

The Science Behind The Million Dollar Bet Experiment
Many years ago the US government began printing our currency using magnetic ink. This was done
as a method of making counterfeiting more difficult. You can demonstrate this using a super strong
Neodymium Magnet. These magnets are made up of boron, iron and several other metals which
makes them some of the strongest magnets available. The magnetic field generated by
magnet can pick up the minute magnetic iron fields in the moneys ink.
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