In this science experiment we will explore Sir Isaac Newton's third law and make a
seesawing candle. When we light the candle it will rock back and forth like a child on a
seesaw at the playground.


- Knife
- Candle
- Needle
- Wax paper
- Two glasses
- Lighter or matches

Watch Rocking Seesaw Candle Video

Process To Make A Rocking Seesaw Candle

1) With the knife carve away the wax at the bottom ends of the candle to expose the wick on
both sides.
2) Slowly push the needle through the center of the candle (be careful not to break it).
3) Place wax paper on the tabletop.
4) Set the glasses on the wax paper, and rest the needle across the rims of each glass so
the candle is between the glasses.
5) Light both ends of the candle.
6) Give one end a slight push so the candle teeters or rocks like a seesaw.

The Science Behind the Rocking Seesaw Candle
The candle starts rocking like a seesaw and continues as long as both ends stay lit.
As Sir Isaac Newton's
third law states, "For every action there is an opposite and equal
reaction." When the wax drips off each end of the candle, it delivers a slight upward recoil.
The process repeats and the candle continues to rock. Congratulations you now understand
how to make a seesaw candle and why it works!
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