In this science experiment we will shock them all ! We will recreate an experiment first done two
hundred years ago by Italian physicist
Alessandro Volta. We will make a wet cell using lemon
juice, pennies and dimes. This
wet cell will produce an electrical shock or tingle when its
touched with moist fingertips.


- Lemon Juice (buy or squeeze it yourself).
- Small Dish
- (9) 1 inch x 2 inch strips of paper towel.
- (5) Pennies (or other copper coins)
- (5) Dimes (or other non-copper coins)

Process To Make A Wet Cell Battery

1) Pour the lemon juice into the small dish.
2) Soak the paper towel strips in the lemon juice.
3) Make a pile of coins, alternating the dimes and pennies separating each one with a lemon
soaked paper towel strip.
4) Moisten your fingertip on each hand and hold the pile between your fingertips.

What Happens

You get an electrical shock or tingle!

The Science Of Wet Cells

You have made a wet cell, the forerunner to the modern battery we all buy at the store. The
lemon juice, an acid solution, conducts the electricity created by the separated metals of the two
coins.  What we call a battery is actually two or more dry cells. In each dry cell, thirty-two metals
(a zinc metal container and a carbon rod) are separated by blotting paper soaked in a strong
acid. Now get your friends and make a wet cell battery!
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