Let's have some fun using a plastic bottle and small ball of paper or tissue to do a cool science
experiment. We will demonstrate t
hat air actually occupies space. Amaze your friends and bet them a
million dollars if they can blow the paper ball into the bottle!

- Empty 1 Liter Plastic Bottle
- T
oilet Paper or Paper Napkin

Watch The Million Dollar Bet Video:

Process For The M
illion Dollar Bet Science Experiment

1) Take a small piece of the paper napkin or toilet paper and make it into a small ball about the size
or a pea.

Set the bottle down on its side laying flat on a counter or table.

3) P
lace the paper ball in the mouth of the bottle.

4) T
ry to blow the ball inside the bottle. Experiment with blowing hard and soft to get it inside.

5) Bet your friends a million dollars or something good for you if they can do it!

The Science Behind The Million Dollar Bet Experiment
Air occupies space. The bottle already is filled to the brim with invisible air. When you try and blow the
paper ball inside, you cant because there is nowhere for the air your blowing to go - except back out.
As a result the ball flies back out onto the counter.

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