Rotten Egg Stink Bomb
Rotten Egg Stink Bomb
Rotten Egg Stink Bomb
In this science experiment we will make a homemade rotten egg stink bomb using eggs, water,
Drano crystals and a glass jar. Our rotten egg stink bomb will stink up the entire area up with a
nasty smelling stench! You may want to do this one outside or risk the wrath of mom and dad.

- Drano Crystals (sodium hydroxide)
- Empty glass jar and lid
- Warm water
- Six egg whites
- Spoon

Process for Making the Rotten Egg Stink Bomb

1) Dump 1/2 inch of Drano Crystals into the jar.
2) Crack the eggs and separate the egg whites (ask mom).
3) Add 1 inch of warm water to the jar.
4) Pour in the egg whites and stir well.
5) Screw the lid on the jar and let the mixture sit in a safe, warm place for one week. 6)
Occasionally drop by and shake it up.
7) The solution can be poured directly in an area of your choice. Or place the jar uncapped into
the area. Make sure you don't get any on yourself. And be warned you will not make any friends
with this stuff!

The Science Behind Rotten Egg Stink Bomb
Well to be sure the solution emits a vile nasty smell. This occurs because the sodium hydroxide
(Drano crystals) rot the egg whites. Now get your friends and brew up a rotten egg stink bomb or
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