Snowstorm in a Can
In this science experiment we will use cans, ice, salt and our breath to make a cold
chamber. In our cold chamber we will form a cloud, seed it with dry ice, and produce small
snowflakes. Lets do the Snowstorm In A Can Experiment.

- Two cans. One very large (bucket). One smaller.
- Ice
- Salt
- Towel
- Your Breath
- Dry Ice
- Flashlight

Process Snowstorm In A Can Experiment
1) Place ice mixed with salt in the bigger can.
2) Adjust the small can on the ice so that its top is level with the top of the larger can.
3) Pack ice and salt in the extra empty space between the two cans.
4) The big can will grow very cold. Wrap a towel around it to protect your hands or use
5) Fairly quickly the air in the small can will get very cold.
6) Once this happens, breathe into the small can. The cold air inside it will condense the
water vapor from your breath and form a cloud.

The Science Behind Snowstorm In A Can Experiment
Snow forms in clouds when it's very cold. Dr. Vincent Schaefer (pictured to the right  with a
cold chamber) found that if little tiny small bits of
dry ice, (solid form of carbon dioxide) are
dropped into clouds normally too warm to form snow, water vapor freeze into tiny crystals.
Then the crystals grow, and eventually become snowflakes.

You can make this happen in your cold chamber by shaving off small amounts of dry ice
with a nail file and dropping them into your cloud (use a glove don't touch the dry ice with
your bare hand).  Scrape off a bit of dry ice into the cloud. Then shine a flashlight down into
it. You will see small sparkling crystals of ice. Next gently breathe into the cloud to add
moisture. Give it a minute or two. Breathe into it again. Repeat. Eventually enough moisture
build up allowing for the crystals to grow heavy enough to fall out of the cloud as very small
snowflakes. Pretty cool! Now grab your friends and do the Snowstorm In A Can Experiment.
Snowstorm in a Can
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