In this science experiment we will demonstrate Kinetic energy by using two balls to make one bounce
super high! Lets get to it and do the Super High Flying Balls Experiment.


1.) Basketball
2.) Tennis ball

Process Super High Flying Balls Experiment
Hold the basketball at shoulder height and with your other hand hold the tennis ball directly on top of
the basketball. Ready, set, bounce! Drop both balls at the same time. You should see the tennis ball
bounce off the basketball and go flying through the air.

The Science Behind Super High Flying Balls Experiment
The basketball hits the ground, but wait there's more! The ground also hits the basketball giving it the
energy for a 'bounce'. This experiment shows us how kinetic energy can be transferred from one
object (the basketball) to another (the smaller ball).

The tennis ball hits the top of the basketball, which hit the ground. The energy from the basketball is
transferred to the tennis ball giving it lots of energy for a really high bounce. If you just drop the
basketball you may notice that it bounces higher, then when you add the tennis ball. On the other
hand, if you drop the tennis ball you might notice, that it does not go as high as when you dropped
both balls together!

The tennis ball goes nuts and bounces heaps higher than the basketball - the basketball hardly
bounces at all.

It's all about
energy transfer!

When you bounce a ball, some of its energy gets transferred to the ground. That's why each time a
ball bounces it loses a bit of energy and bounces a bit lower.

After the basketball hits the ground, it bounces back up and hits the tennis ball. So now some of the
basketball's energy gets transferred to the tennis ball.

The basketball is heaps heavier than the tennis ball, so it's got a lot more energy in its bounce. So
even though it only loses a part of its energy to the tennis ball, that's heaps more than the tennis ball
had before. That's why the tennis ball acts like it got an extra bouncing and goes nuts! Now get your
friends and try the Super High Flying Balls Experiment.

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