This fun science toy lets you explore the mystery of sound. When you give a shake it
sounds like a thunder storm is rolling in. It's basically a tube with a drum head at one end.
Attached to the drum head is a metal 18 inch spring. Your ears will never be the same after
playing with one of these. So lets try the Thunder Tube Experiment.


- Thunder Tube (purchase at a science store or Ebay)

Watch Video: Thunder Tube Experiment

Procedure Thunder Tube Experiment

1) Give the tube a shake and listen for the unmistakable sounds of thunder. Use your
empty hand to cover the top and it sounds like waaa waaa sound. If you tap the spring it
sounds like a harp. Experiment by making your own sounds or use it to drive your parents

The Science Behind Thunder Tube Experiment

Sounds waves are generated when you shake the tube. The spring vibrates and plays the
drum head. The sound waves
resonate up from the spring, through the drum head, and
back and forth up and down through the tube column. Now grab some friends and try the
Thunder Tube Experiment.
Thunder Tube
Thunder Tube
Thunder Tube
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