In this really cool science experiment we will use a little magic to make a quarter vanish using a clear
glass and some water
. In the process we will learn a about light refraction.

Materials For Vanishing Quarter Science Experiment

- Clear Glass
- Water
- Quarter

Process Vanishing Quarter Science Experiment

1) Set the quarter on a counter top or table.
2) Set the clear glass on top of the quarter.
3) Look through the side of the glass and you will still be able to view the quarter.
4) Fill the glass with water.
5) Look for the quarter again through the side of the glass. It's has vanished!

Video Vanishing Quarter Science Experiment:

The Science Behind Vanishing Quarter Science Experiment:

Everything we see is actually the result of light rays. When images reach our eyes, what we are really
seeing is the light rays reaching our eyes. As light rays speed through the air and atmosphere the have
almost no interference or refraction because the molecules are spread out. As a result those rays reach
our eyes clearly and form an image. In this experiment we can still see the quarter at the bottom of the
glass clearly when no water is added. However, once we add the water to the glass the quarter
vanishes. It vanishes because the light rays bend and refract when traveling through the water and
glass. The refracted light rays from the quarter no longer reach our eyes when traveling through the
water and glass. Water creates refraction because it squeezes the light rays and molecules together
and compacts them.
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