In this really cool science experiment we will make a water pipe that whistles using only a plastic straw,
scissors and a glass of water. In the process we will learn about pitch, sound, and vibrations.

Materials For Water Pipe Whistler Science Experiment

- Plastic Straw
- G
lass of Water
- S

Process Water Pipe Whistler Science Experiment

1) Get your straw and eyeball down about 2 inches.
2) Take the scissors and cut through the straw almost the entire way. Make sure you dont go all the way
through - we need it still attached.
3) Make the small top piece of the straw bend so its around 90degrees (right angle).
4) Pour water in your glass but leave it about 1/4 empty.
5) Place your straw in the water (long part down) and begin to blow. Use a deep long breath and blow
gently. If you have problems give the long part of the straw a pinch towards the top.
6) Once you get the hang of it, move the straw up and down in the water while whistling. Does the pitch

Video Water Pipe Whistler Science Experiment

The Science Behind Water Pipe Whistler Science Experiment

Everything we hear consists of sound waves. Dogs barking, music, loud bangs are all the result of
sound waves making it to our ears. These sounds waves are actually vibrations that fly through the air
and atmosphere. Our water pipe whistler works by generating vibrations of air on the inside of the straw.
When we submerge the long piece of the straw in the glass of water, it's inside is filled with both water
and air. As we blow air through the shorter piece at a 90 degree angle, the air travels across the top of
the longer straw. This causes the air inside the longer straw to vibrate and create a sound wave. The
sound wave makes a whistling pitch. The pitch of the whistle depends on how much air is in the long
part of the straw. Put the long part in the water deep and there is less air which creates a low pitch.
Place the long part of the straw in the water only a little bit and there is more air, which creates a high
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