A fun and simple science experiment using a jar or wine glass, water, and a laminated card.
Without a doubt it's guaranteed to make your audience go crazy with anticipation and
astonishment! We will explore the properties of
air pressure  while entertaining the crowd. So
lets try the Water Suspension Experiment.

- Jar or Wine Glass
- Laminated Card
- Water

Watch Video: Water Suspension Experiment

Process Water Suspension Experiment
1) Fill the wine glass or jar with water.

2) Cover it with a laminated card.

3) Have a volunteer stand under the wine glass as you turn it over above his or her head.

4)  Watch the astonished faces in the audience as they expect the volunteer to get a good

5) Carefully remove your hand from the card on the upside down wine glass.

6) Listen for the Ooohhs and Awwws

The Science Behind Water Suspension Experiment

Air pressure pushes on everything around us. At sea level air pressure is 15 pounds per square
inch. The
air pressure from outside pushes up on the card at 15 pounds per square inch and
keeps the water inside (as long as the water inside weighs less than 15 pounds!). Now get your
friends and do the Water Suspension Experiment.
Water Suspension Experiment Trick www.weirdsciencekids.com
Water Suspension Experiment Trick www.weirdsciencekids.com
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