Let's have some fun making bubble prints!  Bubbles are comprised of a thin film of soap and water.
Air molecules inside stretch the thin film out to create the bubble.  We will add paint to the bubble mix
to make bubble prints.


- Glasses or Jars
- 1/4 Cup Paint (Tempera)
- Distilled Water
- Dawn Dish Soap
- Pie Tin
- Newspaper
- Straws
- White Construction Paper

Process To Make Bubble Prints:

1.  Mix 1 Cup of distilled water 2 table spoons of Dawn dish soap.

2.  Gently mix the water and soap solution together. Add 1/2 cup of any color tempera paint you like.
You can repeat the mix in several glasses or bowls to have a selection of bubble print colors.     

3.  Cover the top of the jars or glasses and shake until the bubble mix and paint are well mixed

4.  Dump out about 1/2 inch of the bubble print solution into a clean pie tin.

5.  Put some newspaper under the pie tin to absorb any overflow or spill.

6.  Pick a color from the different bubble mixes you made.

7. Put the straw into the pie tin at its deepest part. Take a breath and blow some bubbles. Get a good
pile going!

8.  Take the straw out of the bubble mix. You should still have the bubble pile on top of the mix. Set the
construction paper on top of the bubble pile and hold it there for a few seconds. The bubbles will pop
when they come into contact with the paper after a few seconds. This will leave the image /
impression on the paper.

9. Repeat the process with any other colors you want from the bubble mixes you made.

10. Let the papers dry out.

Now go make a great big batch of bubble prints with some friends!
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