Hot Air Balloon
In this science experiment we will make a hot air balloon from a plastic dry cleaning bag.
In the process we will learn a bit about
molecules and the air that surrounds us.


plastic dry cleaning bag
hair dryer

Process To Make A Hot Air Balloon

1. Open the bag and fill with air by pulling it quickly through the air around you.

2. Close off the bag with your hand, but leave a small opening

3. Insert the hair dryer through the opening.

4. Heat the air in the bag with the hair dryer for a few minutes.

5. Observe. (The bag rises.)

The Science Behind Making A Hot Air Balloon

As air is warmed, the particles (molecules) it is made up of spread out. This makes the air
lighter (less dense), and it rises. As the air in the bag is warmed it expands and rises. The
rising warm air fills the bag and causes it to rise, also. Now get your friends and make a
hot air balloon.

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