In this really cold science experiment we will use a string and salt to pick up an ice cube. We will also
demonstrate an
Endothermic process.

Materials For Ice Cube On A String Science Experiment

- Ice Cubes
- Sea Salt or Kosher Salt
- String
- Glass
- Water

Process Pick Up Ice Cube with Cold String Experiment

1) Fill a glass to the top with water.
2) Place the ice cube in the glass of water
3) Cut a piece of string about a foot long.
4) Get your string wet.
5) Place the wet string on top of the ice cube and let it sit for 1 minute. Then pick up the string with one
hand on each side of the string. Did it pick up the ice cube?
6) Place the string back on top of the ice cube.
7) This time get your sea salt or kosher salt out and gently cover the string where it sits on top of the ice
8) Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute.
9) Using both hands pick up the string again. Did it work? If not try again.

Video Pick Up Ice Cube With Cold String Experiment:

The Science Behind Pick Up Ice Cube With Cold String Experiment:

The melting of ice is an
endothermic process. Endothermic means that it takes heat from its
surroundings. The temperature of the surroundings decreases. When salt is sprinkled on the string
and the ice cube, some of the ice melts. As it melts, it absorbs heat from its surroundings, which
included the damp string. As the string loses heat, the water in the string freezes causing it to attach
to the ice cube. Now grab some friends and try the pick up ice cube with a cold string experiment
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