Making Instant Snow is an awesome thing to watch and a fun science experiment as well!
It's a super absorbent
polymer that begins as a normal looking white powder
but when water is added it fluffs up to over 100 times its original size. The end product
looks exactly like real snow. Many Hollywood movie makers use it to make those insanely
realistic snow scenes without having to deal with melting ice and a watery mess. So lets
do the instant snow experiment.

Watch Video: Make Instant Snow Experiment

- Instant Snow Powder (Ebay or Science Store)
- Water
- Glass
- Container to play with snow

Process To Make Instant Snow Experiment
- Measure out 1 scoop or tablespoon of the snow powder.
- Put it in an empty glass (clear glasses work best)
- Measure out 2 ounces of water in a separate glass.
- Very quickly and at one time dump all the water into the glass with the powder.
- Don't take your eyes off the snow powder because it happens fast.
- Watch the powder erupt into snow!

The Science Behind Making Instant Snow Experiment
Instant Snow is made of tiny super absorbent polymers which are long chains of
molecules linked together. It's similar to the substance found in baby diapers. However,
there is a difference. Instant Snow not only absorbs the added water like a diaper but also
expands to 100 times it normal size through a process called osmosis. It is a great
demonstration of a physical reaction. In a physical reaction the substance in the
experiment does not change. Instant Snow acts like thousands of little sponges when
water is added.

It also can be used to demonstrate Conservation of Mass. When Instant Snow is left to dry
for several days, the water will evaporate and it will return to it's normal size.
A great science project would be to weigh the instant snow powder before the experiment
and take note. Then weigh it again after the water has been added and the polymer
molecules have fully expanded. Then allow the Instant Snow to sit out and dry / evaporate
for several days noting the time it takes to return to normal size. Once all the water has
evaporated once again weigh and see how it compares to the starting weight. Now go get
some friends and do the make instant snow experiment.
Instant Snow
Instant Snow
Instant Snow
Instant Snow
Instant Snow
Instant Snow
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