In this science experiment we will explore how molecules move. We will make balloons sink and learn about density in the
process. So lets do the Moving Molecules Experiment.


-        2 small balloons
-        2 large glass jars or glasses
-        cold water
-        warm water

Process Moving Molecules Experiment

1.        Fill each of the balloons with cold water and tie knots to secure the water inside.  Make sure the water is cold; you
may need to chill the water with ice cubes or in the fridge or freezer before the experiment.

2.        Fill one of the jars about halfway with warm water.

3.        Fill the other jar about halfway with cold water.

4.        Place a water-filled balloon in each jar.  What do you notice?

Science Behind The Moving Molecules Experiment

The balloon with the cold water sinks to the bottom of the jar because cold water is heavier than warm water.  The cold
water is actually
denser than the warm water which means it has more mass for its volume. Now grab some friends and do
the Moving Molecules Experiment!
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