So you want to be the hit of the party. Here is a classic that is guaranteed to please the crowd. All
you need is a wine glass and some water. In this demonstration we will make a wine glass sing.
Lets do the Singing Wine Glass Experiment!

Watch Video: Singing Wine Glass Experiment


- Wine Glass
- Water

Process Singing Wine Glass Experiment

1) Fill the wine glass with water about 1/2 way full.
2) Dip you index finger into the water and get it wet.
3) With your other hand secure the bottom base of the wine glass
4) With the wet finger begin to make slow circles around the top edge of the glass
5) Listen to hear the sounds it starts to make.
6) Experiment with different pressures on your fingers and how fast you move the  finger in circles.
Also experiment with different amounts of water in the glass
7) Get several other people going with their wine glasses and make symphony!

The Science Behind Singing Wine Glass Experiment
vibrations begin to resonate together into sound waves we can hear. You can make the sounds
loud or soft depending on how much
pressure you place on your finger.  You can also change the
pitch of the sound by adjusting the amount of water in the glass.

As you rub your finger on the rim, your finger first sticks to the glass and then slides. This stick and
slide action occurs in very short lengths and produces a vibration inside the glass which, in turn,
produces a sound. Vinegar helps to clean dirt and oil from your finger. A clean finger improves the
stick and slide action. As soon as the first few vibrations are produced, the glass resonates. That
means you’re causing the crystals in the glass to vibrate together and create one clear tone. You
can change the pitch (highness or lowness of the sound) by adding to or subtracting from the
amount of water in the glass. The volume (loud or quiet) can be changed only a little bit by
increasing or decreasing the pressure from your finger. Just think about the “jam session” you'll
have with your dinner guests! Now grab your friends and try the Singing Wine Glass Experiment.
Singing Wine Glass
Singing Wine Glass
Singing Wine Glass
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